Vidda is the result of the Spanish passion which has always driven its two creators who together have been designing and manufacturing thousands of jewelery of all styles for multiple brands for over ten years. With our extensive experience, we made the leap and created Vidda. Nowadays we are designers, manufacturers and distributors of our own collections offering the freshness that the modern and avant-garde woman needs, so that, we are bringing our jewelery to all corners. Vidda means tradition, passion and modernity. A 21st-century working philosophy with the best legacy of the Spanish artisan know-how.

Craft Jewelery

Each of our products is handmade, one by one, and with quality as the main factor. All products are constructed with passion, love and the best materials. We look for the best raw materials to continue making our Vidda dream come true. We use the best-tanned leather, made exclusively for Vidda with the highest quality standards, throughout the entire manufacturing process, from start to finish and always using natural dyes. Mainly leather bovine from the Spanish regions of the Mediterranean, suitable for the most rustic and traditional designs. Our silver-plated pieces with Swarovski crystals are the result of meticulous and careful treatments created to achieve the best jewels. Exclusive designs with raw materials brought from places that accumulate centuries of craft work of the best Spanish tradition.


For all women, at any occasion. This is how we think about our collections, adapting at all times to your tastes and needs. Vidda collections capture a lot of our own essence and we reflected this in the " Elephant, Mumbai, Oyster, Anchor, RocknSoul, Barcelona, Amazonas, Antares and Gold" collections. Barcelona, the avant-garde collection with its modern and bright designs. Our inspiration comes from the architectural lines and most emblematic places of Barcelona. It is our cosmopolitan and elegant line where silver-made pieces predominate. A dynamic and daring collection designed for urban women. A versatile collection of jewels to wear at work, at a party or into your day. When and wherever you want it. The spirit of adventure and nature inspires the Amazonas collection and its most vivid colours. Here we approach the wildest and most adventurous side. This collection is made of leather, its central element. It is present in each of the jewels that make up the collection. Antares, one of the brightest stars in the sky. This collection stands out for its brightness, sophistication and fineness. It is designed and composed of pieces to dazzle like the stars that name the collection. The Swarovski crystals widely present in Antares, are treated to achieve the different shapes that make up the totality of each one of the pieces, simple and stylish. Gold is our permanent collection. Composed of unique and timeless pieces designed for any occasion. The perfect accessory we all need. .